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Wealth Transfer – Life Insurance

What should the impact of your success be?

Studies show that as we enter the later decades of life two questions become increasingly absorbing to nearly everyone.

Looking back, we will ask ourselves, what did my accomplishments mean? And looking forward, we will want to know, what legacy will live beyond me? Only you can answer the first question. Our firm can help you with the second.

What can the legacy of success achieve?

  • You can help establish the foundation of your family's financial future.
  • You can help preserve the value of your family capital for future generations.
  • You can potentially share your prosperity with the larger community for the common good.

Everyone has an estate plan - but how effectively does it:

  • Assure your multigenerational assets reach the right people, at the right time, and in the right manner
  • Integrate your family values and personal philosophies with financial, legal, and tax strategies
  • Increase the long term value and control of family and business assets
  • Support your deepest beliefs about sharing success with others

Let's discuss your goals and your decisions and help expand your opportunities to:

  • Minimize tax erosion on multigenerational wealth
  • Manage your family legacy
  • Establish your charitable legacy
  • Fund your retirement income or your second career
  • Support higher education for children and grandchildren
  • Prepare for future medical and long term care costs
  • Protect against business contingencies
  • Establish financial independence apart from your business or career
  • Execute planned business ownership transitions

Recognizing the sophistication of our client base, financial institutions welcome our client advocacy in product development, design, underwriting, and administration services to support your wealth transfer plan. They also meet our high standards with dedicated resources and responsive systems to make sure every element of your plan is regularly monitored, measured, and modified to take control of change.

Neither Kestra IS nor Kestra AS provide tax or legal advice.