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Life Insurance Portfolio Management

Have You Looked at Your Life Insurance Policies Lately?

Life Insurance represents substantial family and business capital. It is tied to complex lifetime financial strategies, integrating personal and business philosophies, capital management goals and objectives, and financial and tax circumstances.

It needs to be an actively managed asset - not simply a contract in a file cabinet. Most policyholders do not realize the opportunities they may be missing by leaving it there.

Life insurance offers advantageous flexibility.

Policyholders have choices in policy design that can enhance performance and offer protection guarantees.

Life insurance enjoys unique tax structure.

Not only does capital grow income tax-deferred inside a life insurance policy, it creates income-tax free multigenerational capital in the form of the death benefit, which can also pass to heirs estate tax-free with the right ownership structure.

Life insurance has favorable cost factors.

Life expectancy is the primary driver of the cost of insurance, so current longevity trends have lowered costs for policyholders and created new strengths for life insurance as a capital management tool.

Obtaining the data you need to manage your policy can be difficult as life insurance companies have cut back on customer support services. You might be amazed to find out that some companies no longer send annual statements, late payment notices or even lapse notices to the agent.

We offer a quantitative and qualitative perspective to Life Insurance Portfolio Management. The result provides you with a clear understanding of the range of possibilities and gives you the time and tools to make decisions that are best for you and your family.
But that's too much assuming, so here is a better way to manage your life insurance portfolio. We bring a broader perspective and deeper insight to Life Insurance Portfolio Management.
First, we take into account all the changes your family and your business have experienced. Circumstances and needs change. Personal goals and timeframes change. Financial and tax positions change. The financial landscape and the life insurance environment change. Every change can have an impact on your life insurance portfolio.  Then,
  • We evaluate your existing polices for suitability to see if they are still on track with the objectives you set when you bought them.
  • We analyze your existing policies for performance measures to see if they are meeting, exceeding, or falling short of projections. We use in-force illustrations that incorporate actual, historical data as well as conservative assumptions to project your policy's performance under a variety of economic circumstances.
  • We examine company performance to make certain your insurance company's financial ratings continue to align with your acceptable standards.
  • We compare existing policies to new policy options to determine if there are more efficient ways to achieve the same goals.
  • We look for underwriting issues to determine if changes in underwriting standards could impact policy management decisions.

This is what our knowledge and experience will mean to you over your lifetime and into the lifetimes of the generations that follow.

*Guarantees and benefits provided by life insurance products are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.