822 Montgomery Ave., Suite 300
Narberth, PA 19072
800-562-7529 (800-56-ARJAY)
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The Arjay Group - How We Work

Our operating style is time-tested. We believe that integrity, a willingness to trust, and a handshake are the best elements of a successful partnership. From there, our first responsibility is simply to listen. When our clients put problems on the table, we offer an empathetic ear, knowledge, and experience. The result has been sound solutions, adapting an array of products and services to the exacting specifications of their plans.

We believe relationships are earned. Our process allows clients to measure our capabilities and judge our performance before they engage our services and in all the stages that follow.

Step 1. Initial Meeting

We listen to client needs, circumstances, and goals. We explain how we work, so they can evaluate the benefits of proceeding to the next step.

Step 2. Strategy

After gathering information, we set a planning direction, define strategic issues, survey the market, and present alternative solutions. To assure strategies are on target from all perspectives, we work closely with our clients' professional advisors or internal resources.

Step 3. Implementation

Once a strategy is selected, we continue our role as project manager to assure deadlines are met, paperwork is accurate and complete, and plans are implemented and communicated appropriately, while continually acting as advisors for our clients.

Step 4. Review

The Arjay Group provides ongoing reviews to help measure performance of all elements of our clients' plans in light of changing circumstances. Regular reviews allows us to respond quickly, implementing modifications to help preempt problems and capture opportunities.