Our clients - successful professionals and businesses - value a clearly defined path to reduce risks for both income and assets. They realize the planning process can be complex, so they trust us to distill the process down to achievable objectives, flexible strategies, efficient implementation and proactive management.

Income and Asset Preservation

For many people, the inability to produce income is one of their largest financial concerns. What happens when income production stops suddenly and prematurely? Will your assets provide the financial independence you desire? Which tactics will reduce the risk of financial vulnerability and produce the solutions to preserve your lifestyle, your business, and your family's well-being?

Wealth Transfer

The bottom line of wealth transfer planning is to make certain that assets will go to the right people at the right time in the right manner. But the ultimate challenge is to transform a lifetime’s work into a family and social legacy that could last for generations. With all that is at stake, we believe a collaborative approach is essential to achieving your goals. Which strategies will make a real difference?

Executive Benefits

Qualified plan limitations and insurance plan maximums subject highly compensated employees to a type of reverse discrimination that neither builds commitment nor attracts new talent. Which solutions support executive needs while managing employer risk, expense, and administrative burden?